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Hire a car and explore Croatia's magical Plitvice lakes

Your perfect adventure for one, a couple, or a whole family!  Your destination? The enchanting Plitvice Lakes National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site boasting cascading waterfalls, crystal-clear lakes, and diverse plant and animal life.

Croatia Road Trip: Must-Visit Destinations You Can't Miss (2024 Guide)

Exploring Croatia by car provides the convenience of moving at your own pace and allows you to discover hidden gems and scenic routes often missed by traditional tours.

EMITT 2024

Expand Your Tourism Horizons with Autowill Rent a Car at EMITT 2024!

As the tourism industry gears up for the renowned East Mediterranean Tourism and Travel Exhibition - EMITT 2024, Autowill Rent a Car is excited to announce our participation in this pivotal event.  Known as one of the top five tourism and travel exhibitions globally, EMITT offers a unique platform for destinations and businesses to thrive in the dynamic tourism economy.

Essential Tips for Driving in Croatia

With Autowill Rent a Car, your car hire journey through Croatia is not just a rental experience; it's an adventure filled with safety, comfort, and unforgettable memories. From the bustling streets of Zagreb to the serene coastal roads, our comprehensive safety guide and dedicated support ensure a journey that is as enjoyable as it is safe. Drive with confidence, explore with freedom, and experience Croatia like never before with Autowill rent a car.

Tips for keeping your vehicle clean and cared for during a car hire in Croatia

Car hire can be a trusty companion during travels in Croatia, whether for leisure or business. Keeping a car in top condition not only ensures a smooth journey but also reflects responsible usage. This comprehensive guide delves into the nuances of keeping your rental car pristine and well-maintained, regardless of the weather conditions or the length of your journey.

10 Best Music Festivals in Croatia 2024

Croatia is undoubtedly a sought-after haven for music festival enthusiasts, drawing hordes of visitors from all corners of the world. Many festival-goers opt for the convenience and camaraderie of traveling to these events with a passenger van. Autowill Rent a Car, a provider of car hire services in Croatia, understands the needs and preferences of such travelers. 

Croatia toll prices 2024

Croatia is a beautiful country with many tourist destinations. The best way to explore Croatia is with the car. If you do not own a car the best option is to rent a car with Autowill rent a car service.  In the blog you will find all toll prices in Croatia. 


Requirements for Renting a car in Croatia

Looking to rent a car in Croatia? Learn about the requirements for renting a car in Croatia, including driver's license, age limit, and coverage. Book your car with Autowill.

Things You Should Know When Renting a Car in Croatia
Things You Should Know When Renting a Car in Croatia

There are several ways to travel in Croatia, and car rentals in Croatia may be among the best. There are a variety of luxury car rental options available.

Although car rental in Croatia is simple, it is important to keep in mind that Croatian traffic rules may vary significantly from those of your home country. If you're seeking to rent a car in Croatia, the following tips will help you make an informed decision.

How to Get From Zagreb to Plitvice Lakes National Park

Travelling from Zagreb To Plitvice Lakes National Park by a car is your best choice for many reasons. It is the most affordable and comfortable option and gives you all the freedom. Consider the benefits and rent a car to enjoy your time at Plitvice Lakes National Park.

Where to park in Zadar - parking garages, parking zones and Zadar parking information

Zadar parking is divided into four parking zones, including those with the parking time limit and zones or parts of zones with a specially controlled parking charge system. Are you looking for a parking space in Zadar for your car? Keep reading to see what works best for you.

Where to Park in Zagreb - garages, parking zones and Zagreb parking information

Zagreb is split into four parking zones, including those with parking time limits and zones or sections of zones with a particularly controlled parking charge system. Are you looking for a parking spot in Zagreb for your car? Continue reading to see what works best for you.

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