Planning a trip around Croatia and thinking if you should rent a car? Read all about advantages of renting a car and exploring Croatia this way.

Why rent a car for your trip to Croatia?

Although Croatia is very well connected by intercity bus transport and the prices are affordable, traveling by car certainly has many advantages.

  • When traveling by car, you are completely flexible and you can plan your days however you want. This way, you can stop wherever you want and thus experience many more cities and towns in Croatia than traveling by organized transport.
  • Traveling by car takes a lot less time on the road which leaves you more time to enjoy your vacation. Roads in Croatia are of excellent quality and you can choose whether you want to travel by highway as the fastest option or you prefer local roads and use the traveling time to explore Croatia further.
  • If you want to travel to Croatia and see as many locations as possible in a short time, traveling by car is ideal for this type of vacation.
  • If you decide to spend your vacation in small towns or isolated locations, you will need a car to buy groceries at larger stores, go to a pharmacy or ATM, visit a restaurant or a bar.
  • In these pandemic times, traveling by car definitely reduces the risk of infection. We would like to emphasize that Autowill rent a car pays great attention to your safety and the safety of our employees, therefore all prescribed measures are implemented to reduce the risk  during the collection and return of the vehicle.

Even if you planned to spend your stay in Croatia only in one place and you don't need a vehicle during your stay, we definitely recommend renting a car for at least one or two days to make a short trip close to place where you're staying. There are several smaller destinations for day trips that will certainly further enhance your vacation in Croatia around all cities in Croatia

Price: rental and additional services

The price of a car rental depends on many factors such as vehicle category, rental duration, protection package, selected additional services, time and place of collection and return of the vehicle, as well as rental period (season, pre / post season, off season), booking time (in advance, last minute bookings, walk in reservations) and, of course, the demand for car rental vehicles.

For this reason, the best way to find out the exact price of a planned rental is to go through the booking process on our website or to contact us directly by email or phone. We recommend booking the vehicle in advance, as soon as you have confirmed your travel dates, to make sure that the vehicles will be available at the time you need the car. In case of change of your plans, you can always change or cancel the reservation free of charge within the given deadline. You can certainly contact us by email or phone in case of any additional questions.