Your perfect adventure for one, a couple, or a whole family!

Imagine this: cruising through the stunning Croatian countryside in a comfortable rental car, viewing the breathtaking landscapes unfolding before you.  

Your destination? The enchanting Plitvice Lakes National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site boasting cascading waterfalls, crystal-clear lakes, and diverse plant and animal life. 

Here's why renting a car with Autowill rent-a-car is the perfect way to experience this natural wonder on your solo trip, romantic getaway, or family vacation.

Freedom and Flexibility

Unlike buses or tours, a car rental gives you the freedom to explore Plitvice at your own pace. Stop for photos at scenic overlooks, take a refreshing dip in a lake, or linger at a particularly captivating waterfall – it's all up to you!

Renting a car to visit Plitvice Lakes offers unparalleled flexibility and comfort, making it a recommended choice for anyone traveling to Croatia.


Beautiful shot of Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

Plitvice Lakes National Park

Plitvice Lakes National Park, a breathtaking UNESCO World Heritage site in Croatia, is renowned for its cascading lakes and spectacular waterfalls. For travelers seeking the ultimate experience at Plitvice, renting a car provides the freedom to explore at one's own pace. This guide will walk you through the benefits of car rental from Autowill Rent-a-Car, starting your journey either from Zagreb or Dalmatia.

For more detailed information about the park, visit the official Plitvice Lakes National Park website.

Easy car rental Pick-Up locations

Autowill Rent-A-Car has offices in major cities like Zagreb, Zadar, Pula, Split, and Dubrovnik, allowing you to pick up your car conveniently and hit the road.

Zagreb as a starting point to Plitvice

Zagreb, the capital city, offers direct access to Plitvice Lakes, approximately a 2-hour drive away. Starting your journey here allows you to enjoy a scenic route that introduces the rural beauty of Croatia before arriving at the natural splendor of Plitvice.

Dalmatia as a starting point

Opting for Dalmatia, especially locations like Split, Zadar or Dubrovnik, lets you combine a coastal trip with your visit to Plitvice. This route promises stunning seaside views and the chance to explore the vibrant local culture and historic sites along the Adriatic coast.


Must-See Plitvice Lakes national park

Enchanting Waterfalls

Marvel at the cascading waterfalls that seem to tumble endlessly down emerald slopes. Feel the cool mist on your face and listen to the symphony of cascading water.

16 Interconnected Lakes

Walk along wooden paths that weave between the 16 interconnected lakes, each boasting unique turquoise hues.

Hiking Trails

Explore the park's diverse hiking trails, ranging from leisurely strolls to challenging climbs offering breathtaking panoramic views.

Planning your trip to Plitvice by car hire

Plitvice awaits!  Start your Croatian adventure today and experience the magic of Plitvice Lakes at your own pace. Allocate at least 3-4 hours for exploring the park's main sights, but consider a full day to truly immerse yourself in its beauty.

Select and rent a car

Visit Autowill rent-a-car to browse locations and car options, and book your rental in advance, especially during peak season.

Dining options near Plitvice Lakes

Local cuisine reflects the richness of Croatian culinary traditions. Restaurants and cafes near the park offer dishes that feature fresh, local ingredients.

Best times to visit Plitvice Lakes

Spring and autumn are ideal for visiting due to the milder weather and the vibrant foliage. However, Plitvice offers unique charms in every season.

Additional stops and side trips

Consider a visit to Rastoke, known for its historic watermills and beautiful waterfalls, providing a delightful preview of what awaits at Plitvice.

Travel tips for families, couples, and solo travelers

Each visitor type can enjoy tailored tips to enhance their experience, from engaging children on long drives to finding the most romantic spots for couples.

Safety and travel insurance

Safety is paramount, and comprehensive travel insurance is recommended to cover unexpected events.

Photography tips at Plitvice Lakes

Capture the majestic views by visiting early in the morning or late in the afternoon for the best light and reflections.


Convenience of traveling at your own pace

Renting a car to explore Plitvice Lakes National Park not only offers the convenience of traveling at your own pace but also enriches the journey, allowing for spontaneous detours and extended stops at captivating sights along the way. 

This flexibility enhances the travel experience, particularly in a region as diverse and scenic as Croatia, where every route offers something unique. Moreover, by choosing a reliable car hire service like Autowill Rent-a-Car, travelers can enjoy peace of mind knowing they have support throughout their journey. Whether you are a solo adventurer, a couple seeking a romantic getaway, or a family on a holiday, the freedom of a personal vehicle ensures that your visit to Plitvice Lakes becomes a memorable part of your Croatian adventure. 


Thus, a car rental is not just a practical choice but a gateway to discovering the hidden gems of Croatia at your leisure.