Car Rental Croatia Tips 

Until you gain your bearings, car rental in Croatia, or any other country, may be a little nerve-wracking. Here are a few tips to help you get started with Croatia car rental. We hope these can alleviate some of your fears or concerns.

Book Your Car in Advance 

With so many tourists, you'll want to reserve the right size and model at a fair price. Prices tend to continue to rise as July and August approach. This is due to an increase in car rental reservations and a decrease in available options. You can rent your car in many different locations like: 

One-Way Car Rental Fees

Consider one-way rental fees while renting a car in Croatia. For instance, if you want to pick up your vehicle at Dubrovnik airport and then return it to Split, or if you wish to rent a car from Zagreb to Dubrovnik, you will be charged an additional price. If you wish to avoid this expense, consider your route and how you might return the car to its original location.

Long-Term Car Rental in Croatia

Long-term car rental in Croatia is an excellent option for those who want to stay longer than five days. Long-term rental prices are much fairer and less expensive than short-term rental rates, despite the fact that renting a car for an extended period of time may seem to be a costly mode of transportation. Consequently, you may see far more of Croatia than if you depended just on public transportation.

Costs, Rules, And Extra Charges

As stated before, you will incur an additional cost if you pick up and return your vehicle at two different locations. You must schedule separate pickup and drop-off sites in advance. To make the additional expenses worthwhile, I would attempt to rent a car in Zagreb and drive to Dubrovnik (or vice versa). Consider a private shuttle or the bus if you just want to go from Split to Zadar or Split to Dubrovnik in order to avoid costly one-way expenses. The same applies to taking up or returning the car outside of business hours. It is feasible, but you will be charged extra. Simply keep this in mind.

Before you depart with your rental car, be careful to examine it for any damage and, if any is found, get it documented. 

A credit card is required to hire a vehicle in Croatia. Remember that the corporation will pre-authorize your credit card for a security deposit if you want to use your credit card in Croatia. Before making a reservation for a car rental, ensure that you have a sufficient amount of money on your card that you won't need for the time of the rental and for a few days later while the refund is handled. According to my investigation, the precise sum fluctuates between €500 and €3,000.

You must be at least 25 years old to rent a car in Croatia unless you are willing to pay a young driver fee. Remember to refuel your rental vehicle before returning it. If not, the penalty will be Harsh.

Toll Roads 

There are a few toll road systems in Croatia, and you are obliged to pay a cost while using these roads.

If you need to go great distances, the price is definitely worth the outlay. However, if you are not in a rush during your Croatian vacation, I recommend taking picturesque roads along the shore whenever feasible to maximize your visual enjoyment.

Avoid Unexpected Fees

Renting a car may be pricey across the world, especially in Croatia. Do your study to avoid unexpected or undisclosed fees, particularly with inexpensive car rental companies in Croatia. Be careful to inquire about the following beforehand:

  • One-way rental costs
  • After-hours pickup and delivery
  • Extra driver charges
  • Exemptions for driving the car off-road
  • Last-minute cancellation costs
  • Extra charges for GPS and car seats


Ask Your Car Rental in Croatia Autowill About…

  • If the car requires diesel or gasoline, it would be a costly error not to get it. I have done it once.
  • Local comments and advice about the picturesque routes of your tour
  • Expenses (if any) associated with driving over the border into Italy, Hungary, etc.
  • Inquire about traffic signs you must observe.
  • Young driver fees

The majority of car rental companies have offices at each airport. Inquire about the one-way driving price if you do not intend to return the car to the location of rental.

Documents and Driving License You Need When Driving in Croatia

The car registration and coverage documentation must be kept in the car at all times. Leave them in the glove compartment so they are easily accessible if requested. Driving licenses from all foreigners are accepted and valid in Croatia. However, if you wish to stay for a longer period of time in Croatia (more than 6 months), you will need to get a Croatian driving license. 


Croatia Road’s Speed Limits

Croatia has speed restrictions that are well marked:

  • 50 km/h in urban areas,
  • 80 km/h on open roads,
  • and 130 km/h on highways.

Penalties for speeding vary from 500-15,000 HRK/65-2,000 EUR/84-2,500 USD. That would certainly strain your holiday budget. Avoid speeding!

Driving In Croatia Essentials

You just need to be aware of the following:

Village roads are often small, unpaved, and limited to one-way traffic. Take your time and be ready to back up if necessary.

There are several opportunities to stop and relax along the route. Croatia boasts some of the finest petrol stations we've experienced across Europe. Including those with nutritious meals and recreation facilities for children. In the countryside, drivers always travel on the right side of the road. Therefore, people from Australia or the United Kingdom may find it challenging.

Drivers in Croatia often disregard the speed limits and pass on bends and double lines. Maintain attention and heightened vigilance. It is legally forbidden to turn right at a red light unless there is an extra green arrow. If you violate the regulations, you may be required to pay an instantaneous fine. Ensure that you request a receipt.

Useful Emergency Help Numbers

Contact the Croatian Auto Club (HAK) Emergency Service at 987 if you are involved in an accident or need roadside assistance in an emergency.

  • Police: 192
  • Fire Brigade: 193
  • Ambulance: 194

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