Basic Maintenance Tips for Car Hire in Croatia

Understanding your car hire agreement: What's included

Each hire car in Croatia can have its own rules and coverages. This knowledge is vital in avoiding unforeseen expenses and understanding your responsibilities. When hiring a vehicle with Autowill Rent A Car, carefully read the hire terms, which are provided in the booking confirmation. The car booking process includes choosing the location, time, vehicle, protection package, and additional services, and providing driver details.

By confirming the booking, you agree to these terms:


Choosing the Right Protection Plan

When hiring a car, selecting an appropriate Protection plan is a critical decision. It's not just about finding a plan that fits your budget; it's also about ensuring adequate coverage for your specific travel needs.

Before finalizing your car hire, it's advisable to directly contact the hire company for detailed information about the protection coverage, especially if your travel plans involve crossing international borders. This step is vital in ensuring that you are fully aware of the terms and conditions, thereby avoiding unexpected liabilities or expenses during your travels.

Essential vehicle checks and documenting a car before setting out

Before each journey, perform basic checks like ensuring the lights work, the tires are properly inflated, and the oil level is adequate. These simple practices can prevent many common travel hiccups. Before you begin your journey with the rental car, it's wise to document its condition. Take photos or videos of the car, focusing on any existing damages or cleanliness issues. This documentation can be crucial in avoiding disputes or additional charges when you return the vehicle.

Vehicle safety checks and pre-rental inspection

Before any journey, ensuring that your rental car is in top condition is crucial. At Autowill rent a car, and each vehicle undergoes a thorough pre-rental inspection. This includes checking the engine, brakes, tires, and all safety features to ensure your journey is smooth and trouble-free.

Regular Maintenance by Autowill rent a car

Our commitment to safety extends to regular maintenance of our fleet. We ensure that every car is serviced according to the manufacturer's recommendations, keeping them in peak condition for your safety and comfort.

Importance of tire checks for safe travel

Tires are pivotal for safe travel. Regularly check for correct pressure, tread wear, and any signs of damage. This not only ensures safety but also improves fuel efficiency. Understand how different weather conditions affect your car hire vehicle. For instance, in snowy areas, ensure that the car is equipped with appropriate tires and that the antifreeze levels are adequate.

Protecting a car hire in winter and cold climates

Winter demands special attention. Ensure the use of appropriate antifreeze, keep the battery in check, and always clear snow and ice off the car before driving.

Crossing borders with car hire from Croatia

If your travels will take you outside Croatia, be aware that a fee is required for border crossing. This is crucial because, in the event of an accident, your chosen protection packages will not be valid unless this fee has been paid. Always confirm with the hire company if you're planning to drive across international borders to avoid any lapses in coverage. Drive freely across Slovenia, Austria, Italy, Germany, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, and Hungary when you opt for our Cross Border Coverage (CBC). Hit the road confidently and create memories every mile with Autowill Rent a Car.

Traveling to Albania and Beyond

The conditions for car hires in Albania, or if your journey includes multiple countries, differ. An additional charge is typically applicable when you pick up the vehicle. This fee ensures that your protection coverage extends to your multi-country journey. Given the varying road conditions and traffic laws in different countries, this additional coverage can be invaluable.

While adventuring through Albania with the Autowill rent a car, please note the unique terms that apply. Contrasting with Croatia, where one purchase of Cross Border Coverage (CBC) allows for travel to multiple countries during the rental period, in Albania, a separate fee is required for each country visited. For instance, if you plan to traverse through three countries during your journey, the CBC fee will be applied for each, ensuring your travels are seamless and fully compliant with local regulations. Remember this as you chart your course for an epic road trip across Europe with Autowill rent a car. 

Keeping the Rental Car Clean During Your Trip

Regular cleaning and car maintenance

Regular cleaning, both interior and exterior, is essential. A clean car not only offers a pleasant driving experience but also allows you to spot any damages or issues that might require attention sooner rather than later. For the interior use car mats, avoid eating inside the vehicle, and regularly dispose of trash. Small hand-held vacuums and wipes can be handy for quick clean-ups. For the exterior, gentle washes are ideal, especially after driving in harsh conditions. Be mindful of using appropriate cleaning agents that won't harm the car's paint or finish.

Utilize car organizers or storage compartments. Keeping things organized not only makes your journey more pleasant but also simplifies keeping the car clean.

Dealing with spills and stains: Quick solutions

Always have a kit ready with essentials like a stain remover, microfiber cloths, and water. Address spills immediately to prevent them from setting in.

Mechanical Care and Awareness

Regular Engine Checks: What to Look For

Regularly check the engine oil, and coolant levels, and ensure the battery terminals are clean. Listening to the engine sound can also alert you to potential issues.

Brake Maintenance: Ensuring Safety on the Road

Check the brake fluid levels and be alert to any changes in the brake response. If you notice any irregularities, report them to the rental company immediately.

Dealing with Unexpected Mechanical Failures

Always have the rental company's contact information handy for emergencies. Familiarize yourself with the process of reporting and handling mechanical failures as per your rental agreement.

Additional Tips and Tricks

Fuel Efficiency Tips for Long Journeys

Maintain steady speeds, use cruise control where applicable, and avoid excessive idling to enhance fuel efficiency.

Navigating Parking and Storage Safely

Choose well-lit, secure parking spaces to avoid damage or theft. Also, be mindful of parking rules and restrictions in different areas.

Using Technology for Maintenance Reminders

As per the manufacturer's recommendations, use smartphone apps or in-built car systems for reminders on maintenance tasks like oil changes or tire rotations.


Returning the Car: Final Checkpoints

End-of-Trip Inspection: What to Cover

Before returning the car, inspect thoroughly to ensure everything is in order. Look for any new damages or issues that need to be reported.

Cleaning the Car Before Return: A Checklist

Return the car to a clean state. A quick wash, vacuuming the interiors, and removing personal belongings should suffice.

Documenting Car Condition: Avoiding Additional Charges

Take photos or videos of the car's condition before returning it. This can serve as proof in case of disputes over damages or cleanliness.


Maintaining a rental car is essential for a hassle-free travel experience. Regular checks, cleanliness, and understanding your rental agreement can go a long way in ensuring a pleasant journey. Remember, taking care of your rental car is not just about avoiding fees; it's about safety, comfort, and responsibility.