The Ultra Europe Split festival is scheduled for 8th to 10th July 2022 and will be a massive event for party-goers. More and more famous musicians, DJs, and performers appear at this EDM festival, attracting thousands of people from all over the world. The three days during this festival are full of activities, amazing parties, and thrilling events.

The main activities of the festival will happen in the nice Park Mladezi. Still, plenty of other parties and events stretch out Ultra Europe Festival to over a week, with many after-parties going on at the well-known Dalmatian Islands.

Top Reasons to go at Ultra Europe Split 2022 by Passenger Van

            There are plenty of options for visiting the Ultra Europe Split 2022 Festival, but one of the best options for tourists is a comfortable passenger van. Passenger vans are ideal for transporting a group of friends and party-goers without any hassle. Hiring a passenger van from a reputable rent-a-car agency like AUTOWILL will be your best choice to make.


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Ultra Europe by passenger van from Zagreb

            Getting to Split and visiting the Ultra Festival could not be easier! Zagreb is well-connected with all major cities in Europe, both through land and air traffic. Many flights go to Zagreb, and lots of visitors also choose to visit Zagreb by bus, train, or car. Regardless of how you came to Zagreb, hiring a passenger van and enjoying safe travels to Split are the best things to do.

AUTOWILL rent-a-car agency gives you the option to rent a passenger van from the offices in the center of the city of Zagreb. A great option is to book everything online, and your passenger van will be waiting for you in the city offices when you arrive in Zagreb.

Driving from Zagreb to Split is effortless, comfortable, and safe because both cities are well-connected with a very smooth and fast highway connection. There are clear signs to follow, so reaching Split will be a pleasant experience.

One of the top benefits of driving a passenger van from Zagreb to Split is that you can enjoy yourself with your crew of friends and stop at many places you like. You can exit the highway and take some scenic routes and admire Croatian beauties on your way to Split.


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Ultra Europe by passenger van from Zagreb Airport

The AUTOWILL offices are also conveniently located at the Zagreb Airport, so anyone that comes by plane can rent a passenger van right away. AUTOWILL offers Meet and Greet services, and a company representative will meet you upon your arrival and take you to your passenger van.


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Zagreb city center and Zagreb International Airport are not the only places where you can rent a passenger van for your needs. Contact AUTOWILL professionals online through email, or call them to arrange a vehicle for you.

Ultra Europe by passenger van from Pula Centre  

Pula downtown – Just follow the signs to exit the city ad follow the A6 towards Karlovac, then take A1 road. You can also take the Adriatic Coastal Road, the D8, which is more scenic to drive on. Expect around 6 hours drive for about 520 km distance.


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Ultra Europe by passenger van from Pula Airport  

Pula Airport – Going to Split from the airport is also easy and similar to the above. Follow the signs and take the road that leads to Split.


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Ultra Europe by passenger van from Poreč

Poreč downtown – from there to Split there are about 500 kilometers distance. Drive along the coast, or follow the signs that will lead you on the highway. 


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Ultra Europe by passenger van from Dubrovnik Airport

Dubrovnik airport (Meet and Greet services at the office 100 meters from the main terminal) – The distance between Dubrovnik and Split is about 230 km. Take the coastal road D8 (E65), better known as Jadranska magistrala .


Car rental Dubrovnik Airport


Ultra Europe by passenger van from Zadar Airport

Zadar airport - The shortest and the fastest driving route, you can reach Split from Zadar Airport in less than two hours. The driving distance is about 160 via E65 and E71 roads.


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Traveling to Ultra Europe Split 2022 by passenger van is your best choice for many reasons. It is the most affordable and comfortable option for groups of people that want to have fun and explore Croatia along the way. Consider the benefits and rent a new passenger van to enjoy a fabulous time at Ultra Europe Split