New Suzuki Vitara Hybrid has arrived to Autowill rent a car fleet.

What kind of vehicle is it?

It is a hybrid vehicle that uses a combination of classic petrol engine and an electric motor. Vehicles are lighter, quieter and less polluting! For drivers, driving hybrid vehicles is simple and no different from driving a vehicle with a classic engine.




How does charging and refueling work?

No socket or external charging is required to charge the electric motor (battery that drives the e-motor)! The electric motor is charged by the operation of the gasoline engine - by braking or releasing the accelerator pedal.

Additionally, it is important to emphasize that with hybrid vehicles there is no concern about the range as with electric cars. It is only necessary to refuel as when using classic cars.


What is the rental price of this type of vehicle?

Select the branch, pick-up and return dates and select the vehicle or contact us by email at