Meet new electric Opel Mokka!

What kind of vehicle is it?

It is a 100% electric car that stands out with its advanced features, impressive range and attractive performance. The Opel Mokka has three driving modes (Sport, Eco and Normal) that can be adapted to any driving style. Sport driving mode increases driving dynamics, Eco driving efficiency, and Normal balances both.




How does charging work?

You can charge your new Opel Mokka at home or at public filling stations.


What is the range?

The heart of the Mokka is a powerful 50 kwh lithium-ion battery. With just one charge, the new generation battery technology allows a range of up to 338km. The advanced vehicle data monitoring system provides an overview of energy consumption so that you are informed and in control at all times.


Where can I rent  Mokka-E?

The new electric Mokka-E is available in our branch office in Pula.


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Feel free to contact us by e-mail at [email protected] or directly at the Pula branch on +385 98 984 02 28