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Our office is within 100 meters from the main terminal. 

Phone:  +385 99 484 00 06

Address: Čilipi bb, 20213 Čilipi, Dubrovnik-Neretva County, Croatia

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Working hours: 

Monday: 08:00 - 20:00

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Dubrovnik Airport Rent-a-car service and support 

Booking a car at the airport with Autowill is super easy due to our great service and customer support through phone, email and in person.

You can even get an additional driver if you need one. Among other services, we also offer you the possibility to return the rented vehicle in another city or to take and return the vehicle outside the standard working hours.


100% clean and ready vehicles

Enjoy in 100 % clean and ready veichles that will help you make your visit to Dubrovnik and Dalmatia unforgettable. From affordable economy cars to luxury vehicles, SUVs, and compacts, our selection of cars covers almost all car brands. We have a fleet of vehicles in different styles and colors, so ask our agents for more details about the options, protection packages, and other things.

Our cars  come with many extra options, quality add-ons, and other features to make your trip more comfortable and pleasurable. You can easily customize your rental car and get an additional child seat, GPS navigation, all-season tires, and other things needed for your holiday in Croatia. In our fleet we have only new and regularly maintained vehicles with a top of the range equipment (speed control, visual and audible parking assistance, Bluetooth...). Ideal choice for your business or leisure trip in Dubrovnik.  


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24/7 assistance in Croatia, EU and countries in the region

We are there for you 24/7 with our services in Croatia, EU and countries in the region. Quickly and easily book your ideal vehicle online, pick it up at our office and return in any of our branches in Croatia.

Regardless of whether you are coming to Dubrovnik for business or pleasure, choosing one of our petrol or diesel cars will make your trip a lot more comfortable and it will make your experience more memorable. Book one of our cars today and enjoy your trip to Dubrovnik.

About Dubrovnik

This is an amazing Croatian ancient town to visit, conveniently located by the Adriatic Sea. It offers magnificent views and has many great things worth seeing. Besides history, Dubrovnik is also known for its water activities and sports facilities that cater to the visitors of the town. Also, a good idea is to go on a Dubrovnik Cable Car ride to experience Dubrovnik from a different perspective.

The cable ride is short and will take you to the top of the town, from where you can enjoy some beautiful and memorable views of Dubrovnik and the Adriatic Sea. The scenery is amazing, and you can also visit some museums and other historical landmarks nearby. All of that would be possible if you plan in advance and if book a car right there as you land in the city.

Renting A Car At Dubrovnik Airport

The airport is located about 10 kilometers from the center of the town and our airport car rental is located right there on the airport. It is one of the busiest airports in Croatia, and it is an excellent starting point for renting a car to explore the surrounding region. Our AUTOWILL airport car rental in Dubrovnik branch is located within 100 meters from the main terminal. 

Aeroplanes play in frequently to Dubrovnik from United Kingdom, Austria, Hungary, Germany, Albania, Italy and USA. Proximity of our Dubrovnik airport car rental enables you to get in your car as soon as you land from your country. All you need is to have a valid credit card and your reservation and your good to go.

Explore Dubrovnik by car

Hiring a car from our agency at the city's airport, car will be ready and waiting for you and you will be free to start your adventurous journey to Dubrovnik and beyond. There are many roads and coastal roadways to explore, from where you can enjoy some splendid sights. You can admire Dubrovnik`s unique architecture and beautiful houses with distinctive roofs from a nice distance.

Booking a car with our car hire service is super-easy and we are providing our customers with many different cars for easy exploration of the city.

Book your car rental with Autowill at Dubrovnik airport now and start your adventure in Croatia.


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