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Car Hire Fleet in Pula with AUTOWILL

From economy cars to spacious SUVs and luxury vans, AUTOWILL offers a variety of clean and ready vehicles to suit all your needs in Pula. Best deals for car rentals in Pula.  See our fleet

Dedicated Customer Service & Support in Pula

Renting a car in Pula is smooth and worry-free with our dedicated team ensuring every trip starts off right. Great service and support through phone, email, and in-person.

Pula Car Hire Price

Great value car hire deals in Pula, ensuring you get the best car for your budget and needs.

Ready-to-Drive Cars in Pula

All our vehicles, both new and regularly serviced, come with modern features. Enjoy your time in Pula with the perfect car for every journey.

Discovering Pula by Car

Pula, with its rich history and beautiful coastlines, is best explored by car. Drive to iconic landmarks like the Pula Arena and the Temple of Augustus at your own pace.

Support Anytime, Anywhere

Get around-the-clock support in Pula and throughout Croatia. With offices in major cities like Dubrovnik, Zagreb, and Split, AUTOWILL ensures a seamless journey.

Navigating Pula's Streets

Travel confidently through Pula with our vehicles equipped with GPS and useful driving tips from our experienced team.

Parking Made Easy in Pula

Finding parking spots in Pula is easier with AUTOWILL. Opt for vehicles equipped with parking sensors for hassle-free parking.


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About Pula

Pula is all about history, tradition, and tasty local food. Visiting Pula is a good way to meet the Mediterranean style of life and discover great-tasting seafood. The best way to enter Pula is via the A9, which is in combination with the A8. This highway connects the main Istrian cities. The maximum distance between them is one hour driving. Pula is a small city where is really easy to drive during summer. Keep your head in the driveways as you may have a temptation to see all the monuments.

 The beautiful city of Pula is the largest in the Istria region, situated beside the Adriatic Sea. Pula and all other places around it have many unique buildings, landmarks, and historic sites dating back to the Roman era. Some interesting attractions worth seeing include the famous Temple of Rome and Augustus, the Archaeological Museum of Istria, the church of St. Nicholas, the amphitheater that dates back from the 1st century AD, and many more others. The entire region in and around Pula has something great to offer, welcoming every visitor to explore it. There are many locations in Pula and surroundings waiting for you to explore them. 

Book your car rental with Autowill in Pula now and start your adventure in Croatia.


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We allow cross border with our car rentals. - Please read our terms and conditions first. 

If you would like to have an additional drive please contact our customer support. 

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