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Zagreb Rent-a-car service and support 

To rent a car in Zagreb with Autowill is really easy due to our great service and support through phone, email and in person. What makes us stand out from the rest is that we do not charge for cancellation or a car change, and there are no hidden costs and other expenses if you choose to book with us. Our vehicles are always ready to be used and 100% clean because we care and value our customers.


100% clean and ready vehicles

Our fleet of cars includes a wide range so you can find a wide range of small city cars, family vehicles, compact cars, caravans, middle-class vehicles, strong SUVs and vans. All our vehicles are new and regularly maintained, equipped with top range features such as Bluetooth, visual and audible parking assistance, speed control, and many others. That means that everyone can find something according to their taste and preferences.

Regardless of whether you are coming to Zagreb for business or pleasure, choosing one of our petrol or diesel cars will make your trip a lot more comfortable and it will make your Zagreb experience memorable.

We also provide 24/7 support and assistance in Croatia, the EU, and countries in the region, so you have nothing to worry about. Book one of our cars today and enjoy your trip to Zagreb and all Croatia.


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24/7 support and assistance in Croatia, EU and countries in the region

Be worry free - we provide 24/7 assistance in Croatia, EU and countries in the region. Quickly and easily book your ideal vehicle online and pick it up at our office in Zagreb and return in any of our branches in Croatia.

Regardless of whether you are coming to Zagreb for business or pleasure, choosing one of our petrol or diesel cars will make your trip a lot more comfortable and it will make your Zagreb experience memorable. 

Passenger van rental Zagreb

The best way to explore Zagreb and Croatia with a group of friends or family is with passenger van rental Zagreb services from Autowill - rent a car. Travelling with a van offers more passenger legroom, additional luggage capacity, and the ability to travel together. Rent a passenger van Zagreb services will help you travel more comfortable and everyone together. In our fleet, we have a rich range of vehicle offers. 

Passenger van rentals are a practical choice if you wish to save. It is cheaper (and far more fun) travelling in one vehicle and splitting the cost, than travelling in more vehicles at multiple costs

Passenger van rental Zagreb


Why Choose AUTOWILL To Rent A Car In Zagreb?

AUTOWILL rent-a-car services in Zagreb offer the most competitive prices, high-quality support, and the newest cars. Your exploration of Zagreb will be much more pleasant if you have a vehicle waiting for you at the airport or in the center of the city. AUTOWILL offers a complete package of different rental services, and the following are some main advantages of choosing AUTOWILL:

  • A wide selection of clean, new vehicles with many accessories
  • Quality, reliable, flexible, and transparent rental service without hidden costs
  • Unlimited mileage
  • Possibility to return rent a car at any time in 8 branches throughout Croatia
  • Wide selection of protection packages
  • Possibility of crossing the border
  • Chance of a ferry ride
  • Option to rent to younger drivers (18-21)

About Zagreb

Zagreb is all about local experience and it is voted among European's best destinations, and changing through constant development. Visiting the capital is a good way to get you introduced to Croatia. The best ways to enter Zagreb is via the A2, A3 and A4. A1 is the highway towards the Adriatic. Zagreb is amazing to drive during summer as the locals leave for their summer vacations.

Zagreb is one of the European cities with a special charm. Unassuming, laidback, and cool atmosphere make every visitor fall in love with the city.  It has lots of beautiful parks, historic cobbled streets, rich cultural happenings, interesting nightlife, and friendly locals. Being one of European`s best destinations, Zagreb is constantly changing and improving. If you want to get introduced to all the beauties of Croatia, visiting the capital is a good way to start.

Explore Zagreb by car

Many places in Zagreb can be explored by walking, but if you want to check as many things as possible and fully experience everything, it is advisable you rent a car and then start your cruising the city. Booking a car with our car rental service  is super-easy and we are providing our customers with many different cars for easy exploration of the city.

Book your car rental with Autowill in Zagreb now and start your adventure in Croatia.


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