What is long-term rent, i.e. Long-term rent a car?

Long-term rental is a vehicle rental in AUTOWILL rent a car which is longer than 1 month and can last up to 60 months, depending on the clients' needs

Why does rent a car offer long-term rentals?

Long-term rentals are a response to market demands: flexibility and rentals without long-term contracts are becoming an imperative in many modern companies. The market is changing quickly and so is the need to adapt. We offer cars without loans, no long- term credit commitments, with the possibility to exchange and return vehicles depending on the current needs of our clients. In the table you can see all the advantages of long-term rent compared to leasing.

Are long-term rentals in Autowill rent a car more expensive than leasing?

The price of monthly rent depends on the model of vehicle you choose to rent. In some cases monthly rent can be cheaper, the same or slightly more expensive than leasing.

What are the basic advantages of long-term rent via rent a car in relation to classic leasing?

All the advantages are visible in the table.

What financial requirements need to be fulfilled for long term rentals in Autowill rent a car?

You need to have a credit card for depositing resources in the amount of one or two monthly rent instalments.

Is there a contractual obligation for long term rentals?

There is no contractual obligation if the rented vehicle is one from Autowill existing fleet (car pool) or a vehicle ordered with respect to the wishes of clients, and which are in compliance with needs of the rent a car.

Can a vehicle be replaced during the long term rental period?

This is one of the advantages of long-term rent in Autowill rent a car. The vehicle can be replaced according to the current needs of the client for a bigger, smaller one or it can be returned without financial commitment, if the client for some reason has no more need for it.

Terms of payment of long term rentals?

A monthly invoice is issued.

Which vehicle categories are available for longterm rent?

It is possible to rent any vehicle in the current Autowill rent a car fleet or order a vehicle according to the specific needs of the client. Our fleet contains from mini vehicles to Elite, Eco, Cargo and N1 vehicles.

Is it possible to order a vehicle which does not exist in your fleet?

It is possible to order a vehicle according to specific requirements of clients.

Can a natural person take a longterm rental in Autowill rent a car?

Natural perons can rent long term in Autowill rent a car.

What is the procedure and obligations in case of earlier vehile drop off than in the contract?

Vehicles are returned/dropped off according to usual procedure in rent a cars and there are no financial obligations (penalties) for earlier drop offs regarding long term rentals.