1. Mandatory for vehicle pick–up

Customers must provide the following documents at the vehicle pick–up:

  • Passport or ID and driver's licence – damaged documents will not be accepted at the rental desk
  • Printed voucher or e-voucher
  • Credit card – Master, VISA, Diners, Union Pay – credit cards must be in the main driver's name OR Debit card - MasterCard or VISA only – debit cards must be in the main driver's name

Credit and debit card(s) must be valid for up to 6 months after the rental has ended.

 2. Principal Driver’s Credit Card and Debit Card preauthorization

A valid credit card in the name of the principal driver (no abbreviations) is required at the vehicle pick–up to cover the value of the coverage excess. The credit card(s) must be embossed and a PIN number may be required. The same credit card is taken for the preauthorization of funds (deposit), depending on the length of the rental, the type of coverage purchased and the rented vehicle category.

Deposit represents a guarantee for the vehicle rental payment and possible (additional) costs that may occur – any delays, lack of fuel, damages to the vehicle that are not covered by the coverage, traffic violation fines, etc. Please have in mind that the preauthorization is valid for 4 – 6 weeks.

This location accepts Debit Cards. Conditions of the debit card use: Debit cards must be issued by a bank (VISA and MASTERCARD only), and the numbers must be embossed (except Croatia).

Please note, if you use debit card, it is mandatory to purchase full coverage (coverage) at the desk and you will be required to leave a fuel deposit at the rental desk. Should you return the car with a full tank of fuel this deposit will be released back to you. *Associated transactions fees may apply – check at the time of pick up.

In case you fail to present a valid credit card or debit card, there is a lack of sufficient funds available on the credit card or debit card, or the credit card is not in the main driver's name, the car rental agent may refuse to release the vehicle. In these instances, no funds paid will be reimbursed.

Not accepted:

  • Someone else’s card (including family members)
  • American Express Credit
  • Any Prepaid Card
  • Any Virtual Payment (eg. Google pay, Apple pay, etc..)

3. All rentals include

  • Up to 3000 km per rental.

(Commercial use of AUTOWILL rent a car vehicles is not allowed – i.e. Taxi services, Uber, Bolt. Croatian citizens residing in Croatia have a max. of 3.000,00 km included per rental.)

  • Local taxes
  • coverage (Third Party Liability, Collision Damage Waiver, Theft Protection) – police report is mandatory
  • Premium location fee for pick–up at the airport offices: Zagreb AP/Split AP/Dubrovnik AP/Pula AP/Zadar AP
  • 24 Hour Support and assistance
  • Hold policy: 12 hours in the period 01.01. – 30.06. / 01.10. – 31.12. and 2 hours in the period 01.07. – 30.09.

4. All rentals exclude – extras payable at desk

  • Out of hours fee will be applied to all of the pick–ups and drop–offs out of the regular opening hours of our offices from closing time until opening time – 50,00 EUR VAT included per service.
  • One Way Rentals: 250,00 EUR for all rentals no matter the duration throughout the year

*If a vehicle is collected or returned to a different location than agreed on the voucher, a fee in the amount of 250,00 EUR will apply.

  • Deliveries and collections: 40,00 EUR (15 km within the city of vehicle pick up or drop off office).

All of the other deliveries and collections are on request. Delivery address must be provided within the booking, otherwise the client will have to pick the vehicle up at our office.

  • Fines, Toll Fees & Parking charges.
  • Administration fee for any parking ticket or traffic violation ticket: 30,00 EUR.
  • Island / Ferry boat travel fee – 40,00 EUR per rental. Vehicles are not permitted to travel on ferries or to any island locations without the pre-approval from Autowill rent a car.
  • Additional driver – 10,00 EUR per day
  • Child seat/booster seat/baby seat – 7,00 EUR per day
  • Navigation System (GPS) – 9,00 EUR per day (with a maximum of 90,00 EUR per rental)
  • Winter tyres fee* – 50,00 EUR per rental from 01.11. until 15.04.
  • Young driver fee – 10,00 EUR per day if the driver has less than 1 year of driving experience, or if he/she is from 18-20 years old. Please note that if applicable, this fee will be included in the rental price and will be payable on arrival at the rental desk in the local currency
  • Senior driver fee – 10,00 EUR per day if the driver is between 70-80 years old. Please note that if applicable, this fee will be included in the rental price and will be payable on arrival at the rental desk in the local currency
  • Snow chains * – free of charge

All prices include VAT.

*According to the safety requirements for road vehicles, the following is considered under the winter vehicle equipment: All motor vehicles (weighing less than 3.5 t) must use winter tyres (M+S) on all wheels, or summer tyres with minimum tread depth of 4 mm + have snow chains in the vehicle, ready to use on powered wheels.

5. Vehicle rental

Please note that we do not confirm the exact vehicle model and make, engine type, fuel type, etc.

We confirm only the vehicle group. It is possible to book a diesel vehicle or petrol car on request at the price of 25,00 EUR per rental (VAT incl)

The customer will receive the vehicle in the appropriate condition for the rental with all the pertaining equipment and all the accompanying documentation.

6. Driver's age and driver’s licence requirements

There is a minimum driver’s age. Upon the driver's license input, the system automatically calculates how long has somebody had his/hers driver's license.

If it is less than 1 year, the client will be charged 10,00 EUR per day (VAT incl) for the rental period.

If the customer is above 70, the senior driver’s fee in the amount of 10,00 EUR per day (VAT incl) will apply.

When collecting a vehicle, the principal driver & any additional drivers will need to provide the driver’s license in their name (if the driver’s license is not written in Latin characters, an International driver’s license is obligatory).

Please note: an international driver’s license does not replace the requirement for a regular driver’s license. If using an international license, a driver’s license in the principal driver's name will still be mandatory in order to rent the vehicle.

7. Fuel policy

The vehicle will be provided with a full tank of fuel and it must be returned with the same amount in order to avoid additional charges. You may be required to leave a fuel deposit reserved or charged on your credit card, this will be released or refunded when you return the car full. Missing fuel will be charged on your return.

If the customer does not return a vehicle with the full tank of fuel, he/she will be charged for the missing fuel in the amount of 2,30 EUR per litre + VAT and a refuelling fee in the amount of 30,00 EUR (Including VAT). Autowill rent a car will not refund the customer for any unused fuel.

*The fuel prices may vary according to the market fluctuations

Diesel vehicles are available with an additional charge.

For electric vehicles: the customer will receive the vehicle totally charged.

A full battery lasts around 150 km (this is an estimate as it depends on several factors). If the customer runs out of battery and is stranded with the vehicle, requiring help from our roadside assistance, please keep in mind that this service is not covered by the rental coverage nor by any additional policy (the customer is always liable for all costs involved).

8. Cleanliness policy

Customer will be provided with a clean vehicle ready for rental and is supposed to return a vehicle in the same condition. Excessive dirty vehicle interior or stained upholstery will be charged to the customer locally at the vehicle drop off in the amount of 150,00 EUR (VAT incl).

Non-smoking policy is obligatory for all the vehicles in the fleet. Smoking is not permitted in any of the vehicles. In case of breaking this policy, the customer will be fined with the penalty in the amount of 150,00 EUR (VAT incl).

9. Cross border policy and international One Way Rentals

Travelling outside Croatia must be noted and confirmed by Autowill rent a car at the point of signing the rental agreement, in any case.

Cross border fee: 85,00 EUR per rental (VAT incl)

It is the customer’s responsibility to be aware of the local driving laws and the local tolls or stickers required for any country they are travelling to. Autowill rent a car will not be held responsible for any of the mentioned above.

Please note a penalty charge of 600,00 EUR may apply, should you omit to declare you will be driving the vehicle out of Croatia. Should these restrictions be ignored, all coverage packages (Third Party Liability, CDW, TP, Super Cover, PI), if accepted, shall be deemed null and void. The driver will be held fully responsible in case of damage to, or loss of the vehicle and will bear all the consequences, including the cost of repatriation of the damaged vehicle.

10. Traffic incidents and damages

In a case of damage or traffic incident the police report is mandatory.

Damage handling fee in the amount of 70,00 EUR (VAT incl) in the event of damage or theft of the vehicle will apply. Damage handling fee is not refundable.

11. Customer support

If for any reason, the customer is dissatisfied with any aspects of the rental, they must report all of their concerns immediately to Autowill rent a car.

All the complaints regarding additional equipment must be done immediately during the vehicle rental.

Autowill rent a car does not provide any refunds for additional equipment.

The failure of additional equipment must be reported immediately to any of Autowill rent a car locations and will be replaced.

If the customer is still dissatisfied and wishes to make a formal complaint, it can be sent upon the rental completion. The complaints must be put in writing and sent to our customer services team e-mail address at [email protected] in the period of maximum 30 days after the rental completion. All the claims after that period will not be taken into consideration.

We will investigate the claim thoroughly and respond as soon as possible as we endeavour to answer all of the customer service queries within 14 days of receiving them. Sometimes we can experience delays, if we are dealing with third parties.