1. What if the branch office is closed at the time I want to drop off the vehicle?

It is possible to return the vehicle after office working hours for an additional fee. Please inform our office on your planned return time.

2 .What if I am late for a vehicle pick up?

Please contact the office where you are supposed to drop off the vehicle and inform the staff when will you be able to come.

3. Do I need to inspect the vehicle during pick-up?

It is mandatory to inspect the vehicle with our staff after rental to identify new damages if they occurred.

4.What are the possible additional costs?

Costs which can appear on your contract depend on you and they can be the following:

Missing Fuel + Refuelling service: The rule is that you receive the vehicle with a full tank of fuel and you should return it in that condition. If for some reason you have not done this, we will charge you a fee as well as the difference between the fuel received and returned.

Being late with returning the vehicle is charged according to the following rules:

  • 0-60 min = no charge
  • more than 60 min = additional day charge

Traffic Violations and Parking Tickets + Administrative fee: The client bears all of the costs of traffic violations and tickets + additional administrative costs.

Damages + Damage Handling fee: Damages will be charged according to Protection Package you purchased. If you haven't purchased Protection Package L, you will be charged with the cost of damage and damage handling fee.